Alan Ledford 
Detroit, MI


Growing up fighting competitivly, Alan has won four state championships and three national championships in Tae Kwon Do/ Tang Soo Do/ Judo titles- Even being invited to compete in the Greece Junior Olympics in 2010. College set his full time focus on video production, storytelling and directing. His mental focus and patience learned from teaching martial arts has only furthered his leadership  skills within film making. He will without a doubt shine in life.

   -W.S.B.B.A. President and Founder Kevin Taylor- World Record Holder
Born and raised in the burbs of Macomb Michigan, Alan Ledford has truly made his mark as an up and coming artist to keep an eye on. Ledford works predominantly in directing and cinematography, but also include various forms of digital and mixed media illustration and design. Completing his Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in film production from Grand Valley State University 2011 (Forbes Top 10 Universities), Alan kept his wheels spinning and moved across country with what he could carry in is car, for work in Hollywood, California. It is in LA that he gained exposure and national credibility while directing and shooting for ZEFR/ Movieclips and Fearless Records. 
His personal work has been showcased, with accompanying awards, at both the Detroit Institute of Arts and well as the Grand Rapids Art Museum, to just name a couple. As opportunities presented themselves, Alan took on an internationally recognized directing feat. He created and choreographed the world’s largest single shot senior citizen music video with Michael Bublé's "Feeling Good". This gained YouTube top chart status in over 12 countries and received over 9 million views collectively (and counting!).

He has been described as "A talented director and visionary in the film industry. His creative spirit and the fact that he is a perfectionist ensures successful projects with a unique perspective." 
- Kim Roberts GVSU Film/ Video Professor Quote to and The Source Detroit Newspaper 2011

Ledford's resume also includes video shoots with local professionals and musical artists including Mitch Albom, Barry Sanders, Snoop Dog, Method Man, Skrillex, Danny Brown, I Prevail, Forever the Sickest Kids, August Burns Red, The Word Alive, BlessTheFall and the Summer Set. 

He has recently taken a break from commercial  advertising working as an editor at Doner Advertising. He's been an offline editor as well as the lead assistant editor and touch up artist for all state and national JCPenney commercials for the past two + years. He’s had the opportunity to shoot for Doner, gaining further awards, for such commercial companies as Chrysler, Fiat, Kelly Blue Book, Eureka and Stanley Steamer. With creative integrity, Ledford perfects his skills as an editor during the day. His high level of motivation, passion and enthusiasm then transcends into directing, filming and illustrating.  With several years of relevant experience and an eye for detail, Alan has established professional credibility with his creative integrity and unique and innovative projects that without a doubt will be gaining continued attention. 

Moving Forward: 
Alan’s current projects include developing a narrative web series and narrative music videos for the band I Prevail. Also working on a project for an album art series and multiple music videos for Mackinac, a Nashville band.  He is developing a few children’s books for independent publication, highlighting his writing and illustration skills. 

 Ledford has combined his talents with nationally recognized NY artist, Alyssa Klash (, to develop, Artsy Fart, a venue for expressing artistic creativity on printed clothing and accessories.